Suitable for the mounting of metal license plate 520 x 110 mm (EU standard size). The overall dimensions of the frame are 526 x 120 mm.


ABS. Robust and scratch-resistant. We use high-quality finishing additives that protect the material from photodegradation.


Intense shine

Printing technology

Screen printing. Durable and resistant to weathering and chemicals used in car washes.


The frame consists of two parts, which are connected by locks.


Special cardboard packaging with Alti Giri logo, which provides a set of frames for transport. We developed them especially for this project.


15,00  14,00 


We no longer want the frame as an advertising medium.
MONO is the first license plate holder in Europe developed from scratch as an optical tuning accessory.

Have you noticed that loud graphics have a lasting effect on the aesthetics of your car? When working on MONO, we assumed that it would be discreet and at the same time ensure stable installation. A frame with graphics turns your car into a free mobile display. We are reversing the trend – we have abandoned advertising space in favour of a minimalist design. Our customers are not car dealers and advertising agencies. This project was created for you. The choice of MONO frees you from further unwanted advertising.

We have turned an ordinary object into a stylish accessory. Thanks to its construction, MONO is symmetrical and the only one without a larger space in the lower part of the frame. We have developed it for all those who appreciate elegant and refined details. Its discreet design will present itself excellently on youngtimer, Gran Tourismo, Hot Hatch or family car. If you need more than just deep black, we have prepared an additional option – a discreet monochrome print that runs across the perimeter of the frame. Its colour can be matched to the colour of your accessories or the colour of your bodywork.